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Payment and Shipping


We accept L/C's and advance payment. Towels and towel related products are shipped via container, and there is generally a minimum order that has to be placed. Contact us with your requirements, so that we can tell you the minimum quantity that has to be ordered, as well as the price.


We accept L/C's and advance payment. There is generally a 1 Container minimum per shipment. When contacting us, please specify your choice of packing (weight, and material of bags).

Technology/ Computer hardware & Accessories:

All prices on this website are in US Dollars, and do not include shiping and handling charges. We accept 3 forms for payment for technology and computer products:

1) Advance Payment via Bank Transfer (TT): For orders under US$ 500.00, we will charge an additional $25.00 financial transaction fee. For orders over US$ 500.00, we do not charge a financial transaction fee. (Please not: Your bank will probably charge you a fee for transferring money regardless of the amount you send).

2) Letters of Credit: We only accept Letters of Credit (LCs) for orders over US$ 5000.00. The LCs must be from a reputable bank.

3) Western Union: We accept payment through Western Union. Please visit the Western Union website for further details on how to transfer funds to Pakistan ( http://westernunion.com ). Please note that there is a per transaction, per day limit of US$ 3000.00 when sending money with Western Union. Customers in the US and Canada can send money online, when using Western Union. Also, please note that Western Union will charge you a fee for sending money. Please check their website for current rates.

We can ship via courier, sea or air. Once we receive your inquiry, we will get back to you with shipping and handling prices. If you prefer, you can tell us the name of your forwarding agent in Pakistan, and we will ship the goods through him/ her. Please note that we do not provide warranty on any items sold. Any warranty issues are to be settled between you and the manufacturer, provided the manufacturer provides a warranty and it is applicable to you. If any goods are damaged or deffective on arrival, please return them within 14 days, along with a signed letter stating what is wrong with them and why you are returning them. For example, if the goods have been damaged in transit, please return them along with a letter stating that you received damaged goods, and that the goods were damaged in transit. You will be responsible for the cost of sending the goods back to us. We will then replace the goods (if the items are still in stock). If the goods are not in stock, then we will provide you with a refund (cost of goods + shipping you originally paid). We are not responsible for any bank charges on your end.

Payment & Shipping Rice Towels Technology Import Contact Company

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